A Key Part of Global Nuclear Fuel Cycle

Honeywell's Metropolis Works is the only uranium conversion plant in the U.S.

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    Statement from Honeywell

    Due to the significant challenges of the nuclear industry globally and the oversupply of uranium hexafluoride (UF6), Honeywell plans to reduce the production capacity of the Metropolis plant to better align with the demands of nuclear fuel customers. Because of this, the company intends to reduce its full-time workforce by 22 positions, as well as a portion of the plant’s contractor team. We are taking this action to better position the plant moving forward. We will continue to operate with a focus on safety, quality, delivery and service.

    Adding Your Number to the Plant’s Rapid Notify System

    The Metropolis Works maintains a Rapid Notify phone emergency system to inform community members of emergencies at the facility that require neighbors to take shelter if needed. The system automatically calls residents located within 1.3 miles of the facility based on publicly available records from local telephone service providers. If you have an unlisted phone number or would also like notifications to your cell phone, please send us your name, phone number and address so that we can update our listing. Information will only be used in case of emergency. Send an email to: MTW_Community@Honeywell.com, or a letter to Honeywell Metropolis, ATTN: Rapid Notify system, P.O. Box 430, Metropolis, IL 62960.

    Honeywell Metropolis Works


    Honeywell’s Metropolis Works facility plays an important role in providing Americans with an important source of clean, safe and sustainable electric power and helping our country move toward energy independence.

    Metropolis Works is the only facility in the country that converts uranium ore into uranium hexafluoride (UF6). UF6 is an essential compound used to produce enriched uranium for use as fuel in nuclear power plants, which provide about 19 percent of America’s electricity. Metropolis Works is part of the Fluorine Products business within Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies.

    The Metropolis facility is one of the region’s largest employers, providing more than 300 good jobs in the Metropolis area.


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